In our 2 week in-house program, we not only teach obedience commands, but also work to correct negative behavior. Many dogs may know some commands, but they cannot hold them in the presence of distractions. In this program, you can expect to have off-leash control of your dog in a variety of situations. We train using an e-collar from E-Collar Technologies. E-Collars use a form of stimulus that targets the neck muscles of the dog; mimicking the loving touch of their mother. 

For more information regarding e-collar visit:

At the completion of the program we will provide a two-hour training session to demonstrate the learned behaviors, and to teach you how to be the handler.


Payment plans are available as well as a discounted rate for those that pay in full up front.

Some obedience commands we work on with your dog:

  • Sit

  • Place

  • Down

  • Door manners

  • Confidence building

  • Recall (with and without distractions)

  • Walking (on and off leash)

    • Pulling, lunging, or distractions

  • Proper reaction to other dogs

  • Correcting bad behaviors

    • jumping up on people and counter tops, mouthing, nipping, etc.

  • And more!

See our Success
A calm and obedient dog leads to a healthier and happier lifestyle for pet and owner.

***PLEASE NOTE: While we have seen great success with our program, our program is not intended for dogs that have shown aggression towards humans or other dogs.***


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